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Mechatronics of Textile Making Machines
Garment Production Process Technology
Apparel Design and Development Technology
Fashion Design and Management
Machine Controlist artificial intelligence blog and Industrial Processes
Industrial Electrician
Industrial Electronics
Industrial Electrotechnics
Industrial Mechatronics
Industrial Electronics
Process Operator in the Food Industry
Industrial Bakery
Automotive Electrician
Automotive Mechanic
Agricultural Machinery Mechanic
Heavy Machinery Mechanic
Minor Engine Mechanic
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Cybersecurity Engineering
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Techniques in Electronic Engineering
Textile Quality Controlist
Textile Production Processes
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Designed, Develops, implements and manages information systems with Artificial Intelligence. Read more
Twin learning. Possibility to learn in a company and the institute.
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The technical professional in Software Engineering with Artificial Intelligence is trained to apply principles, techniques, tools and methods for design, development, implementation, maintenance and management of information systems with Artificial Intelligence.
By studying this career you will be able to:
Analyze business processes and propose improvements with software development solutions.
Develop it solutions, applied to business using complex programming.
Develop cross-platform applications using Artificial Intelligence.
Software Development Companies with AI Technologies.
Companies dedicated to the quality of software program.
Software Manufacturing Unit Companies.
Companies in the Video Game Industry
Benefits of studying at Senati:
Careers that respond to the requirements and needs of the labour market.
SENATI Dual Training – enterprise (Learning by doing in real working conditions).
workshops, laboratories and classrooms equipped with the latest technology.
98.6% of SENATI graduates enter the labor market within the first year.
Senati Experiences
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Have completed high school.
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Requirements to enroll:
Strengthens your knowledge in basic sciences and the English language, applying them in the development of intellectual skills. Apply technological tools in digital literacy. Develop methodical and interpersonal skills.
Second Semester
Perform requirements analysis and design software program solutions; supports end users and reviews the structure of developed databases.
Third Semester
Analyzes, models and develops object-oriented solutions according to the requirements of companies.
Fourth Semester
Model AI algorithms. Develops and supports information systems according to the requirements of companies.
Fifth Semester
Identifies technological needs and develops using Large Data and Machine Studying, complex solutions appropriate to the needs of industries.
Sixth semester
Develops intelligent software solutions for decision making, diagnoses and corrects errors through predictive analysis using AI. Apply neural network techniques.
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Chimbote – University
Talara – Aproviser
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National Industrial Work Training Service
SENATI has been providing the best education for 57 years for the professional occupations of manufacturing industrial activity and installation work, repair and maintenance.
Headquarters: Av. Alfredo Mendiola # 3520 Independence, file.artificial intelligence four


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