Advances in the technology of the future and their influence

The Technology of the future He promises us that, In the quickness of the blink of an eye, We will be able to have what we want in our hands. Do you think it's possible? Already today we have the speed of communications; Less than 35 years ago, you could only communicate by turning the wheels of the phone, and few had access to it.

The Artificial Intelligence Robotics It's another perspective that's making great strides, We are very excited about the possibilities that it will entail to have it; others look at it with fear and reject it because they feel it will take away their space, that will be a threat.

The technology of the future: friend or foe?

As the days go by, realities such as the approach of the basilisk Roko become more and more debatable and potential. Can you imagine a super intelligence so eager to help humanity that it eliminates those who don't contribute to its creation??


Roko's basilisk and the technology of the future

The basilisk Roko, It leads you to reflect on the possibility of living or dying for the advancement towards a better world, Seriously, this idea of super geeks eats away at your mind. It's certainly a distant possibility; But the question remains: Can a program evolve in itself to develop a consciousness similar to ours?

Which begs the question: Is she really our friend?, considering the fact that throughout the history of mankind progress has been accompanied by situations that are not advantageous for a part of the population. It could be considered "natural" that in the rise of the State-of-the-art technology Some are out of the way.

Innovative technology is increasingly present

On the other hand, the Innovative technology, will offer us more solutions, Not right away, But in the near future it will. Something that characterizes those who contribute to technology and change, It's their vision. Believe Us, with a clear vision, The Necessary Tools and Enthusiastic Hands, everything! It will be possible, in due time.

The Technology of the future augurs the possibility of producing, through biotechnology, human organs that will be completely compatible with the patient, as they would be produced from their own stem cells. Adding life possibilities to many, without the hassle of searching for a compatible donor.


The technology of the future: What's in store for us?

Have you seen the movie Tomorrowland?? (Not to mention criticism) The reference is because it gives a clear example of what awaits us from the State-of-the-art technology. A parallel dimension where the smartest, Creatives and dreamers come together to create more new possibilities that make our lives easier.

That's the key to the Technology of the future, Imagination. Nowadays it has become very common for us to hear: "You are capable of achieving what you set out to do", Then we'll hear "you're able to create whatever you imagine". That we hope will be our main reason for being with advanced technology.

Among what we expect from the Technology of the future, We have from bionic eyes, 3D printers for homes, Rejuvenating Technology, Personal Assistants Artificial Intelligence Robotics, Mobile-free communication, Smart Clothing, Autonomous Military Machines, Interplanetary Internet.


Want to know more about innovative technology?

Connecting with Our Community, You will be part of the minds that join in favor of technology as a way of life. We want to hear from you, Will you have the solution to interstellar travel?? Will you propose a Innovative technology to cure diseases? Will you support initiatives such as the basilisk Roko?

A simple idea can become a powerful reality; Like what happened with the light bulb, electricity and the telephone in their respective epochs.

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