What is Artificial Intelligence??

Many years ago, science fiction was only part of the world of cinema; There were many films that showed us a artificial intelligence that was thought impossible.

Today, those advanced technologies, Although they haven't left the big screen; Against all odds, they became part of our lives.

And although this advanced intelligence has not yet reached every place in the world, No doubt, It's the technology of the future. A future that promises to be full of it and to be so revolutionary that it may only be comparable to what the arrival of the internet generated.

Artificial intelligence and the future

Many are wondering ¿Artificial Intelligence What is it? really?, Well, it's a combination of algorithms; designed solely for the purpose of creating machines that can perform the same tasks as a human being.

This technology is very complex, For many, it looks very future. However, It is becoming more and more a part of everyday life.

But before we talk about the future, Let's learn a little about the past of artificial intelligence and how AI has developed.


The term artificial intelligence was established in 1956 by John McCarthy, Claude Shannon and Marvin Minsky; when he was included in a conference to talk about the creation of intelligent machines.

Artificial intelligence lagged far behind between the 1990s and the 2000s, Its definitive consecration came in 1997, when IBM proved that a system was capable of beating a human at chess. Since then, more importance has been given to this Technology & Science.

Today, there are many people and companies that own and support the development of AI.

What has changed from the past to the present and how will that affect the future??

The first thing is that, at first, AI will seem like something very far away; Today we know that it is entirely possible.

So every day new advances are made in this field, Hardware is getting better and better, and software is now quantum. Likewise, One of the challenges faced by artificial intelligence in the past was learning disabilities; They currently use neural networks that try to mimic the human brain.


What is most expected from AI and the future??

It is estimated that in the short term the Artificial Intelligence and Robotics end up being fully integrated into filling the jobs in large and small companies. This will to some extent improve production; since, Robots don't get tired and don't ask for a salary.

In the future, robotic artificial intelligence is likely to replace workers in most of their jobs. In the UK alone, it is estimated that 30% of jobs will be lost.

Development of Artificial Intelligence

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It is worth mentioning that, Over time, we will not get used to the fact that artificial intelligence is part of our lives and that at some point it will become superior to our own intelligence; being able to solve problems more easily and outside of human limits.

It is estimated that in approximately 30 years, AI will be fully among us. It is expected that thanks to its intelligence it can bring great benefits in fields such as education, medicine and others.

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