What is Artificial Intelligence? (AI) And why it's the future

It is a field of computer science that studies and develops systems capable of performing tasks that are normally attributed to human intelligence, such as translating a document to recognize a person by their face. Also systems that learn to behave autonomously, as driverless vehicles, Robots , programs that play Go
The world's big tech companies are fighting for dominance in artificial intelligencesynthetic, perhaps the key technology of the digital economy. Who is leading that race and what consequences can it have??
It is a booming and constantly developing field. The most mature part with the greatest practical impact is what is known as machine learning ('machine learningstudying'), that allows systems to be programmed to make automatic decisions based on large amounts of data.
Nevertheless, And despite the marketing bubbleadvertisingadvertisingadvertising and advertising and marketing that exists around this topic, Machine learning and its more sophisticated variants, What is 'deep learningstudying' like?, They are still far from behaving as autonomous agents with intelligence comparable to that of humans and replacing the most complex and creative human tasks. Although they are better at extracting patterns and performing repetitive tasks, the ability to put pieces of information into context, Finding causality, improvising responses with fragmented data is something that, for the time being, It can't be easily done by machines.
An example of machine learning would be a system to detect in which language a tweet is written. Instead of writing a program that enforces certain rules (for example, Search for the letter ñ to detect Spanish), Mathematical models have been implemented that analyze millions of tweets in different languages and deduce functions to calculate the probability that a new sequence of characters corresponds to a certain language.
How does it affect businesses?
The big internet companies are already using artificial intelligence in products that we consume on a daily basis. For example, The main social networks (Twitter, Instagram, FacebookFb) They select the posts they display and also detect inappropriate content using artificial intelligence algorithmssynthetic. Amazon Netflix Recommend New Products Movies Inferring User Preferences. Recently, Apple has introduced face recognition to unlock the devices.
An interesting aspect for companies is not so much that artificial intelligence has advanced as a field, but so have the computer platforms that support the storage and processing of large amounts of data, as well as the availability of software program components’ specialized. This is going to make machine learning and artificial intelligence available to more and more companies. Perhaps in certain sectors, we will see how artificial intelligence functionalities go from being a differentiating factor to becoming a standard that the consumer expects.
Which sectors will be most influenced by artificial intelligence??
Artificial Synthetic Intelligence Is Already Transforming the E-Commerce Industries, MarketingAdvertisingAdvertisingAdvertising and Digital Marketing, Logistics, where we have been actively working for years. It is becoming more and more common to see advertisements for different brands of vehicles on television where what stands out is the pedestrian detection functionality, automatic braking and even autonomous driving without driver intervention (Tesla).
In generalcommonbasicnormal, there are opportunities in all sectors that are being digitized and have large amounts of data that were not being exploited before. For example, in the financial sector, Both banks and insurance companies are betting on data science and artificial intelligence as tools to provide employees with more effective tools, as well as to improve customer services and interaction. For example, Through the 'Apps’ BBVA has begun to release features where customers are given added value with their own data (giving them a view of their finances, Notices Recommendations that are useful to you ). Thanks to digitalization and artificial intelligencesynthetic, A bank can become an organization that helps customers make better financial decisions , and not just an entity that stores and manages your money.
Are Spanish companies correctly applying AI, making the most of it??
There are specific cases where artificial synthetic intelligence has been applied for decades by companies in our country. Computer Vision ('computerpclaptop visionimaginative and prescient') se utiliza para detectar defectos en procesos de fabricación. Al entrar en el ‘parkingdel aeropuerto un sistema lee la matrícula del coche, y cuando se pide DNI en un hotellodgeresort es muy posible que sea escaneado por un sistema de reconocimiento de caracteres para extraer los datos del cliente.
Se trata de casos donde se utilizan algoritmos de inteligencia artificialsynthetic maduros para productos en un nicho de mercado para una aplicación muy concreta. Hay oportunidad de encontrar casos de uso más innovadores y con más impacto, ejemplos donde la inteligencia artificialsynthetic se use como práctica habitualrecurringordinaryroutine a lo largo de toda una organización que pueda transformar un gran sector. Aquí siempre se tiene como referencia a los gigantes de internetweb y podría opinarse que no es una comparación adecuada. Propongo que le demos la vuelta a este argumento y pensemos que si un sector de este país como la banca se llegase a digitalizar completamente, quizás llegue un día en que un banco no sea tan diferente de una empresa como Google Amazon, explica Rodríguez.
La inteligencia artificialsynthetic ha dejado de estar considerada ciencia ficción y poco a poco se está conviertiendo en un mercado laboral para profesionales con sólidos conocimientos STEM (Science, Technology, Ingeniería y Matemáticas) for its acronym in English
¿A qué retos se enfrentan las empresas españolas en materia de IA?
Un reto del que se habla poco es talento y cultura interna. La inteligencia artificialsynthetic no es un servicio que se compra, sino una práctica una manera de trabajar. Requiere profesionales con la especialización adecuada , conocimiento y experiencia y suele conllevar la necesidad de ciertos cambios en la empresa, desde digitalización y procesos de captación de datos, hasta disponer de la infraestructura computacional necesaria. También se necesita un cambio de cultura, que pasa por aplicar un ‘mindsetmás cuantitativo, creativo y que se preste más a la exploración que los proyectos informáticos tradicionales, y con empleados visionarios a lo largo de toda la organización.
Jose Antonio Rodríguez-Serrano
Lead DataKnowledgeInformation Scientist y coordinador del equipo Edge en BBVA DataKnowledgeInformation & Analytics.
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