Yenta Bot

Business communication knowledge base for chatbots.

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Yenta Bot Features Yenta Bot is a conversational artificial intelligence (AI) tool that serves as a knowledge base. It can be seamlessly installed on Slack, enabling users to access information they need but cannot find. This bot works by indexing past dialogues in public channels it’s invited to. Utilizing this data, it answers inquiries and shares links to the discussions that informed the answer. Key Features: Indexing Past Conversations: Yenta Bot indexes previous conversations in public channels on Slack, using this information to respond to queries. Instant Answers: Users can pose questions directly to Yenta Bot, receiving immediate answers based on historical conversations. Increased Productivity: By automating search tasks on Slack, Yenta Bot can significantly improve business productivity by reducing time spent hunting for required information. Ease of Installation: Yenta Bot is straightforward to install and use, ensuring users can quickly incorporate it into their daily workflow. Accolades: This tool was a winner of Miami Hack Week 2023, demonstrating its effectiveness and innovation. Developed by Skilled Data Scientists: The Yenta Bot team comprises self-taught data scientists with experience in building machine learning products, ensuring the tool’s robustness and reliability. Use Cases: Finding specific information from historical Slack conversations. Seeking immediate answers to questions based on previous discussions. Increasing productivity by reducing time spent searching for information on Slack. Quickly integrating a helpful tool into the daily workflow. In summary, Yenta Bot is a valuable AI tool for businesses using Slack, providing context-sensitive information that aids in the swift and efficient resolution of issues.