Create custom AI chatbots with a no-code platform for sales & support.

Access to Wodka.ai (Freemium)

Wodka.ai Features Streamline customer sales and support, onboard new team members, and more with an AI-driven ChatGPT-4 bot that provides instant and accurate responses 24/7. Tailor the bot to your unique business needs by integrating various data sources and leverage advanced analytics for valuable insights. Key Features: No-code chatbot creation: Build custom AI chatbots with ease, requiring no coding expertise. 24/7 instant support and sales assistance: Provide customers with immediate and accurate responses. Highly customizable: Integrate with various data sources to personalize the bot’s responses. Efficient sales assistance: Equip your sales team with AI-backed insights and recommendations. Advanced analytics: Utilize a comprehensive dashboard to analyze customer interactions and improve processes. User-friendly interface: Effortlessly manage and customize the bot’s responses with an intuitive dashboard. Use Cases: • Enhance customer sales and support experiences with instant, AI-driven responses. • Streamline the onboarding process for new team members using a custom chatbot. • Integrate various data sources for personalized bot responses tailored to your business needs. • Empower your sales team with AI insights and recommendations for closing deals more effectively. Create a custom AI chatbot with our no-code platform to streamline customer sales and support, onboard new team members, and enhance your business processes with advanced analytics and personalization.