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Wiseone Features Wiseone is a browser extension that offers a new way of reading and exploring information online. Our new AI-powered browser extension enriches your online reading experience by helping you simplify information, effortlessly master any subject you’re reading and have easier access to factual information. Key features: Discover that helps you understand complex concepts and words in an article online to master 100% of your reading. Cross-checking that helps you verify facts with different sources talking about the same subject. Ask anything that helps you simplify the most complex information into understandable answers, powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Summarize that helps you read more efficiently without losing information by providing key information to remember. Suggestions that provide a list of articles from diverse sources to deepen your understanding of a subject. Use cases for Wiseone involve: Simplifying complex information for easier understanding Fact-checking to ensure accuracy Efficient reading without loss of information Deepening understanding of a subject with diverse sources Ready to upgrade your reading experience? Get Wiseone now!