Business chatbot for customer service on WhatsApp.

Access to (Paid) Features Shmooz AI is an AI-powered WhatsApp chatbot designed to enhance business communication and streamline customer support. It offers personalized responses, 24/7 availability, integration with WhatsApp, and additional features such as AI photos and Google searches. Key Features: 24/7 Customer Support: Provide assistance and answer queries round the clock. Personalized Responses: Deliver tailored responses based on customer inquiries. WhatsApp Integration: Seamlessly integrate with WhatsApp for easy communication. Natural Language Processing: Understand and respond effectively using natural language processing. AI Photo Generation: Generate stunning AI photos by starting messages with the keyword “image.” Google Search Integration: Conduct Google searches within the chat using the keyword “google.” Multiple Pricing Plans: Choose from free trial, personal plan, or business plan options. Data Security and Privacy: Implement measures to protect user information and ensure confidentiality. Use Cases: Enhance customer support systems by providing personalized and prompt responses. Optimize business communication through the integration of an AI-powered WhatsApp chatbot. Improve response times and handle a wide range of customer queries effectively. Generate AI photos and conduct Google searches seamlessly within the chatbot. Shmooz AI revolutionizes customer support and business communication with its AI-powered WhatsApp chatbot.