Optimized AWS cloud cost.

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Pump Features Pump is an innovative cloud savings solution that employs AI to optimize your Amazon Web Services (AWS) spending. Key Features: AI-Powered Savings: Pump uses AI to identify and implement saving strategies on your AWS bills. Minimal Impact: With operations at the billing layer level, Pump ensures maximum security with zero effect on your infrastructure. No Upfront Cost: Pump offers free savings estimates with no commitment until you’re satisfied with the potential cost savings. Supported Services: Pump currently supports EC2, Sagemaker, RedShift, ECS, Lambda, EBS, ElasticCache, OpenSearch and will soon support RDS, EC2 Data Transfer, and S3. Customer Support: A dedicated customer support team to answer your queries and provide assistance. Use Cases: • Achieve substantial savings on your AWS bills using Pump’s AI optimization. • Benefit from group discounts and real-time consumption matching with commitments. • Secure your infrastructure with operations at the billing layer level. Currently, Pump focuses exclusively on AWS, but plans are in place to extend support to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Microsoft Azure in the future.