Open-source Notion-style editor with AI autocomplete

Access to Novel (Free)

Novel Features Novel is an open-source WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor inspired by Notion, offering AI-powered autocompletions. It is built using Next.js, Tiptap, OpenAI, and the Vercel AI SDK, combining powerful technologies to provide an enhanced editing experience. Key Features: WYSIWYG Editing: Offers a user-friendly editing experience where users can see how the content will appear in real-time. AI Autocompletions: Employs AI-powered autocompletions to suggest relevant words, phrases, and sentences as users type. Open-Source: Allows developers to contribute, customize, and extend the tool’s functionality as per their requirements. Built with Next.js and Tiptap: Utilizes Next.js, a popular React framework, and Tiptap, a headless editor framework, to create a robust editing environment. Integration with OpenAI and Vercel AI SDK: Integrates OpenAI’s language models and utilizes the Vercel AI SDK to enable AI autocompletions. Use Cases: Content creation platforms seeking to enhance the writing experience for their users. Developers looking to build their own customized editing tools based on an open-source Notion-style editor. Writers, bloggers, and journalists who want an intuitive and AI-enhanced writing environment. Teams collaborating on documentation or knowledge bases, providing a unified and efficient editing platform. Individuals looking for a feature-rich and customizable WYSIWYG editor for personal use or projects. Novel offers an open-source Notion-style WYSIWYG editor with AI autocompletions, providing users with a powerful and flexible tool for content creation.