AI-powered Text to Speech (TTS) generator to create realistic audio files.

Access to (Free Trial) Features is a powerful AI voice generator and realistic Text to Speech (TTS) online tool. Key features and advantages include: Natural-sounding speech: Generate speech audio in 142 languages and accents with 907 AI voices Advanced editing: Apply expressive emotional speaking styles, fine-tune rate, pitch, emphasis, and pauses, and define custom pronunciations Integrations: Compatible with WordPress, Text to Speech API, IVR systems, audio articles, and videos Use cases for are ideal for various applications: Content creators seeking to convert text into natural-sounding speech for podcasts and videos Businesses aiming to enhance their IVR systems with realistic TTS Website owners looking to provide audio versions of their written content Trusted by 7000+ users and teams, offers team access, audio widgets, and AI podcasts, with a high rating on Trustpilot.