Verticalize videos with AI for TikTok & more

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PixelForge Features PixelForge is an AI-powered tool designed to convert horizontal YouTube videos into vertical formats for platforms like TikTok, Reels, and Shorts. Key features and advantages include: Automated editing: Streamlines the video editing process, ensuring platform-specific requirements are met Demo version: Allows users to test the system with a YouTube video under 40 minutes and a selected time period of less than 5 minutes Speech detection and center framing: Enables users to select sentences to keep while maintaining the video’s total length Use cases for PixelForge are ideal for various content creators: YouTubers seeking to expand their reach on vertical video platforms Social media influencers aiming to repurpose content for different platforms Businesses looking to simplify video editing processes for multi-platform content Despite being in its alpha version (0.0.1), PixelForge offers a convenient solution for content creators to expand their reach on various platforms efficiently.