Platform that generates logical arguments for debates.

Access to Opinionate (Freemium)

Opinionate Features Opinionate is the perfect tool for those seeking to strengthen their debate skills, settle arguments with logic and fairness, and challenge their own perspectives Key Features: Logical Argument Generation: This tool’s advanced technology allows it to generate logical arguments for any debate topic, helping users articulate their ideas clearly and convincingly. Steelman Arguments: Opinionate empowers users to construct the most robust possible versions of their opponents’ arguments, known as ‘steelman’ arguments. This feature encourages understanding, empathy, and well-rounded debates. Debate Settlement: By providing logical arguments for all sides of a debate, Opinionate aids in settling contentious discussions with fairness and objectivity. Idea Challenge: Through steelman arguments and logical counterpoints, the platform offers users the chance to challenge their own ideas and broaden their perspectives. Use Cases: Enhancing your argumentation skills for formal debates or casual discussions. Settling disputes or disagreements in a fair and objective manner. Challenging your own ideas and encouraging intellectual growth. Whether you’re a seasoned debater or someone who simply enjoys intellectual discussions, Opinionate can elevate your argumentative prowess to new heights.