Automated chatbot for website customer service.

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GPTService Features GPTService is an advanced AI tool designed to empower businesses in automating their customer service operations. Key Features: Easy Setup: No manual conversation flows need to be created. Users simply enter their website’s URL and specify excluded URLs for the chatbot’s knowledge. Advanced AI Technology: GPTService’s chatbot utilizes the latest AI technology to understand and answer customer questions, ensuring faster and more efficient responses compared to traditional chatbot builders. Multilingual Support: The chatbot is multilingual and supports up to 95 languages. Users provide content in one language, and the chatbot can respond in any of the supported languages. Simple Pricing: GPTService offers a straightforward pricing structure with a monthly fee of $29.99 for automating customer support inquiries using cutting-edge NLP software. Integration and Support: Businesses can integrate the chatbot into their website using a simple code provided by GPTService. Support is available through email. Use Cases: • Streamline customer support operations and reduce response time with an AI-powered chatbot. • Enhance customer service capabilities by automating responses to common inquiries. • Improve overall customer satisfaction through efficient and customizable chatbot solutions. GPTService provides businesses with an efficient and customizable solution for enhancing their customer service capabilities.