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Access to IntelliBar (Paid)

IntelliBar Features A tool you can trust: IntelliBar is just a UI for the ChatGPT API, ensuring your questions go directly to the ChatGPT API and no one else Key Features: Prompt completions: Get suggestions as you type your question Search past chats: ⌘O to find a past chat in a couple of keystrokes Find in chat: ⌘F to find words in the current chat Go back: Use ⌘[ and ⌘] or just swipe left or right Dark mode: Beautiful UI that adapts to your system settings Code highlighting: Easy to read code blocks in any language Use Cases: Swiftly receive suggestions for queries with prompt completions as you type. Easily search and find past chats with a couple of keystrokes. Locate specific words in current chat using the ‘Find in chat’ feature. Effortlessly navigate back and forth within the chat interface.