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Foxymeets Features FoxyMeets is an AI-powered meeting summary tool designed to help users stay present and engaged during meetings by eliminating the need to take detailed notes. By connecting to a user’s Google Calendar or manually entering the meeting URL, FoxyMeets captures key points from the meeting and delivers them as summarized notes to the user’s inbox. Key Features: AI-powered Meeting Summaries: Automatically generates concise meeting summaries to eliminate the need for extensive note-taking. Integration with Google Calendar: Connects to the user’s Google Calendar to access meeting details seamlessly. Manual Meeting URL Entry: Allows users to manually enter meeting URLs for summary generation. Condensed Summaries: Delivers summaries that are typically around 10% of the original meeting length. Pay-as-you-go Pricing: Charges $1.25 per meeting hour per user, providing flexibility and cost-effectiveness. No Meeting Length Limit: Accommodates meetings of any length without imposing restrictions. Refund Policy: Offers a fair refund policy for any unused meeting hours. Feedback and Support: Provides a channel for users to report bugs, provide feedback, and request features. Use Cases: Professionals who attend multiple meetings and want to stay engaged without the burden of extensive note-taking. Individuals who prefer concise summaries to review meeting content efficiently. Teams or organizations seeking a cost-effective solution for meeting summarization. Users who rely on Google Calendar for meeting management and want an integrated summary tool. Those who want to provide feedback, report bugs, or suggest new features to enhance FoxyMeets. FoxyMeets offers a convenient and efficient way to capture key points and summaries from meetings, freeing users from the task of extensive note-taking.