We can start by saying that the film addresses issues that seem taken from science fiction, but if we analyze today many situations can be applied with technological development as is the case of medicine, robotics, cloning, etc.artificial intelligence definition
The AI film is based on a future and the plot puts emphasis on artificial intelligence, the first thing that stands out is the creation of a child-robot that learns from human feelings and therefore possesses the ability to love.
The main difference between the previously created robot and the child-robot, is that it can absorb information, images and put them in order, i.e. in a human way. Another point to analyze is that the child-robotic, he can connect those concepts to his emotions and therefore he begins to think that it is real.
From what you learn daily with your new family, the child-robot gradually begins to feel like his child. However, the more human you become, less comfortable are their parents starting to feel with him.
We must emphasize that the comforting care of the mother, the information and sensations that allow the child-robotic to consider that he can become a human.
As a second part of the plot we can see that in an artificial world there are several types of robots for the satisfaction of human needs, it is here that a new robotic called Gigoló Joe is incorporated, which is created to entertain and fulfill the wishes of its customers..
On the other hand, this robotic has a limited capacity for learning the same one that sings, dances and transforms physically with the fall of a feather. He also has the ability to change his ways of seducing, is a robotic programmed to attract and satisfy its human customers". Very marked difference between it and the child-robotic.
In the plot we can see that the robotic-Joe becomes the boy's best friend, launching themselves into a strange new world to try to find their true place in the society that created them.
The robot child's learning capacity goes in search of the blue fairy from pinocchio's tale, where he remembers that this fairy is able to transform toys into humans. Therefore his goal is to become human so that he can return home to his family..
During the film it is observed that the innocence of the child is lost when he proves that what he thought was true, period just fantasies. Provoking in the child a human reaction.
Another point that must be highlighted in the film is the intervention of beings of higher intelligence that after spending many years and after the destruction of the earth, reactivate the child-robot.
These beings decide to fulfill his last wish and give him the opportunity to return home and see his mother again.. Managing to produce a clone of the mother who will live only a few hours, the child when reunited with the clone of the mother feels a human being and great happiness.
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emmm I think a good movie makes the imagination fly I think it is one of the films that I will never forget hehehehe... since it is very nice, in addition there is a nice production hehe good... I think it's all to tell youhe... have many successes..........
at 3:58 pm
By: isabel martinez on 5 January, 2012
at 8:forty six pm
Thank you
at 5:51 pmartificial intelligence definition
By: ERIKA on 17 February, 2012
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By: Luis Castillo on December 31, 2012
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By: lis on 27 January, 2013
at 7:58 pm
There is a second part? Why it leaves you very intrigued.
Gra iaa
at 10:11 pm
By: Antonio on 13 February, 2015
at 10:00 PM
By: Maria on June 6, 2015
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