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Artificial Intelligence with Visual Prolog – Genealogical Tree
In this area I have been sharing a program made in Visible Prolog, which behaves intelligently, fulfilling the following tasks:
Considering your family's family tree and taking at least 60 facts: father, mother, and sex. Create a program in Visible Prolog that performs the following smart reasoning:
Create a menu with the following options:
1.- Granddaughter Relationship
2.- Primo Relationship
3.- Uncle Relationship
4.- Father Relationship
5.- relation artificial intelligence Great grandmother
6.- Bisnieta Relationship
7.- Sister Relationship
8.- Sobrino Relationship
9.- Bisa abil Relationship
10.- Bisnieto Relationship
11.- Grandpa Relationshipartificial intelligence
12.- Aunt Relationship
thirteen.- Brother Relationship
14.- Mother Relationship
15.- Get out
On the menu, the user will select the acquainted relationship they want to search for and the smart app will run the respective rule to give the appropriate response to the query.
The genealogical tree is next:
The user types those who want to do whatever they want to know. If you want to know who Angel's mother is, the program will answer you, and so on for the options that the program has.
I leave you hyperlink to the video in which I explain how it works and how Inteligecia applies to it, how the rules are created.
Program Code:
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