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GAJIX Features GAJIX is an AI-powered learning assistant designed to help users understand any subject or webpage instantly. It offers a range of features to boost productivity and enhance the learning experience. Features: Instant Insights: GAJIX provides helpful summaries and explanations of key concepts on any subject, making complex ideas easy to follow. The Full Picture: Load every topic and subtopic needed to learn a subject in depth with a single click. The Right Questions: GAJIX generates a list of questions to consider when learning a subject, promoting deep understanding. Get Experience: Apply the knowledge gained through GAJIX, perfect for people starting their careers or seeking promotions. Understand Why: Tell GAJIX your learning goals and it will help you understand the relevance of each topic and subtopic. Works Anywhere, on Any Subject: GAJIX is versatile and can be used to learn any subject, from law and biology to computer science and marketing. Use Cases: Self-education and personal development Enhancing productivity while studying Gaining experience in various subjects Understanding complex concepts and ideas Learning new subjects from scratch