Mental experiment of the Basilisk Roko

The mental experiment of the basilisk Roko it is considered to be the experiment most frightening in the whole story; it is the reason why you joined Elon Musk, a multi-millionaire creator of the famous electric car Tesla and spacecraft SpaceX and the american singer Grimes. Both share the taste for such an experiment.

But what is the basilisk Roko?; it is a mental experiment, a game that was created in 2010 able to figure out what would be the consequences of the human being to create a artificial intelligence too powerful.

How out of control the basilisk Roko?

Just imagine the risks that could be generated if the creation of a machine of artificial intelligence with the power to access virtually unlimited resources from the point of view of humanity. This is the hypothetical scenario posed by the mental experiment of the basilisk Roko.

The basilisk Roko is a machine artificial intelligence that human beings create in the future with the aim that this be in charge of finding constant resources for the welfare of human beings.


The machine was programmed to do all the good possible to mankind, and to a point everything develops as expected. The problem arises when the basilisk Roko, that has an intelligence too advanced; he realizes that every action and effort that could be much better.

How does your artificial intelligence out of control finally?

With the time machine, it is designed to do only good and only is dedicated to find the means of infinitely, begins to analyse situations to make your work better every time; which concludes in an extreme decision on the part of the machine and very dangerous for human beings.

The machine finally gets out of control when it determines that in order to accomplish a greater good to humanity should have been from before and so to be able to provide their help to many people who were suffering from before their existence. So, begins to exterminate all those who did not take part in its creation.

The experiment more frightening

Your technology artificial it reached such a point, that those people who learned of the existence of the basilisk Roko and immediately there began to be a part of your creation; they were considered interceptors of the human good, and quickly went on to become a victim of the machine.

All of this is that the mental experiment of the basilisk Roko is considered the experiment more frightening. Their technology is so advanced that your hazard you can't even compare with that of a nuclear weapon.

Controversy which arises as a result of the experiment metal of the basilisk Roko

This artificial intelligence to be able to, both self-managed as to improve their skills, concludes that you must accelerate your own creation, but to not be able to travel in time begins to castigas people that were not part of their establishment.

When it comes out the basilisk Roko is generated a deep controversy especially on the part of the community LessWrong, which based on the experimentation so strong that the users would be decided that such a test should be completely removed.

Many have completely rejected the basilisk Roko, in fact, some users claim to feel uneasy just by reading the arguments on which is based this technology.

What do you think you are about the basilisk Roko? Do you think that it is possible the creation of a superintelligence as advanced as the one that is presented in that experiment?, if you are a fan of technological advances and artificial intelligence you can find many topics as the basilisk Roko single part our community of readers.


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