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Religión digital y sus influencias

Religión digital y sus influencias

Modern Philosophy

A lo largo de los años la religión ha venido dando un vuelco muy importante. Los templos, las iglesias y los sermoneas en ellas se han queda atrás. Actualmente existe un movimiento de religión digital; en donde el uso del internet ha pasado a formar parte significativo en la difusión de los mensajes. Hoy por hoy, […]

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What is the Basilisk Roko?

The premise of the Basilisk Roko it is the time in which a I.. created by humanity to be able to automejorarse, and to conclude, inevitably, that every day that there was there was something that could be improved, from this perspective, for the basilisk was to become a moral duty to expedite their arrival.

Sooner or later, the people will develop a machine of artificial intelligence that will seek the good of humanity. And conclude that as before there had been, could have helped more people avoiding suffering.

Does the Basilisk Roko reward to who helped him to conceive promptly? Do you punish out of obligation to who ignored or opposed, taking over your free will?

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