Designs AI

Design with A.I. in 2 mins: logos, videos, banners, mockups.

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Designs AI Features is an AI-powered Agency-as-a-Service platform designed to simplify content creation and scaling. Key features and advantages include: Versatile content creation: Generate logos, videos, banners, business cards, flyers, and mockups in just 2 minutes Extensive asset library: Access 10M clips, 170M images, 500K audio files, and 50 voices AI-powered tools: Color Matcher, Graphicmaker, Font Pairer, and Calendar for enhanced design capabilities Use cases for cater to various content creators: Influencers, small business owners, and startups looking to streamline content creation Educators seeking to generate engaging visuals and materials Enterprises aiming to optimize their content creation workflow with AI technology Overall, offers a smarter, faster, and easier solution for content creation, with machine learning, cloud storage, and fully-licensed assets.