ChatLit Codes

Generate human-like text with pre-trained models.

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ChatLit Codes Features A powerful tool that utilizes the GPT API to summarize web pages and allows users to ask questions about the content. Key Features: Web page summarization: The extension leverages the GPT API to generate concise summaries of web pages, allowing users to quickly grasp the main points and key information. Question-based interaction: Users can ask questions about the content of the web page, enabling a more interactive and dynamic experience when exploring and understanding the information. Use Cases: Efficient information gathering: The Web Summarizer Extension saves users time by providing condensed summaries of web pages, making it easier to skim through multiple sources and gather relevant information. Enhanced comprehension: By allowing users to ask questions about the content, the extension facilitates a deeper understanding of the web page, enabling users to clarify specific points or delve into further details. Overall, the Web Summarizer Extension is a valuable tool for web browsing, providing users with summarized content and the ability to engage in interactive exploration.