CFR Explorer

CFR Explorer is an AI-powered app designed to provide quick access to information regarding aviation regulations.

Access to CFR Explorer (Free)

CFR Explorer Features CFR Explorer is an innovative app powered by AI technology that aims to simplify the process of accessing information on aviation regulations. The app is specifically designed to assist pilots in finding answers to their regulatory questions in a quick and convenient manner. Key Features: AI-Powered Question-Answering: Ask questions in natural language and receive relevant answers from aviation regulations. Keyword Search: Search for specific regulations using keywords or phrases. Convenient Access to Aviation Regulations: Obtain quick and easy access to information regarding aviation regulations. Beta Version: Please note that the app is in beta, and its accuracy may be limited. Privacy Advisory: Ensure no private information is shared when using the app. CFR Explorer is a valuable tool for pilots who need quick access to aviation regulations. By leveraging AI technology, it simplifies the process of finding regulatory information, enhancing efficiency and convenience for pilots in their day-to-day operations.