Avoma is an AI Meeting Assistant designed to enhance meeting productivity and efficiency by automatically transcribing, summarizing, and analyzing every meeting.

Access to Avoma (Freemium)

Avoma Features Avoma is an advanced AI Meeting Assistant that aims to revolutionize the way meetings are conducted by providing valuable Conversation Intelligence and automating various meeting-related tasks. The tool streamlines the entire meeting process, from pre-meeting preparation to post-meeting analysis, making meetings more productive and efficient. Key Features: Conversation Intelligence: Provides AI-generated notes, speaker identification, topic detection, and keyword tracking. Pre-Meeting Preparation: Offers scheduling and agenda templates, agenda collaboration, and no-show reminders. During Meeting Features: Includes automatic recording and transcription, live bookmarking, and collaborative note-taking. Post-Meeting Analysis: Provides AI-generated notes, topics, snippets, comments, and playlists for organization and analysis. Meeting Collaboration: Offers global transcription search and collaborative note editing features. Conversation and Revenue Intelligence: Provides activity dashboard, interaction intelligence, competitor intelligence, scorecards, coaching, and deal intelligence. Integrations: Seamlessly integrates with conferencing, CRM, and dialer systems. Business Solutions: Caters to sales, customer success, and remote teams. Free Sign-Up and Demo: Offers a free sign-up and demo option for users. Use Cases: Sales and Customer Success Meetings: Enhancing the productivity and efficiency of sales and customer success meetings. Remote Team Collaboration: Facilitating collaboration and productivity for remote teams during meetings. Meeting Data Analysis: Extracting valuable insights and action items from meeting data. Sales and Revenue Intelligence: Improving sales performance and revenue outcomes through intelligent insights. Collaborative Meeting Notes: Encouraging team collaboration and note-taking during meetings. Avoma is a powerful AI Meeting Assistant that empowers organizations to make the most of their meetings by providing valuable insights and streamlining meeting processes. Its range of Conversation Intelligence features and integrations make it a valuable tool for sales, customer success, and remote teams seeking to optimize their meeting strategies and achieve better outcomes.