TextUnbox is a versatile AI tool that empowers users with advanced capabilities for text extraction, 图像生成, and language translation.

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TextUnbox Features TextUnbox is an AI-powered tool that offers powerful solutions for text extraction, 图像生成, and language translation. It utilizes advanced OCR technology to extract text from printed or handwritten images, provides image generation from voice descriptions, and supports language translation for over 20 languages. 主要特点: OCR Text Extraction: Extract text from printed or handwritten images, including curved or rotated text. Image Generation: Generate images based on voice descriptions or concepts. 语言翻译: Translate text between over 20 languages. Browser-Based Interface: Easily upload or paste images for text extraction. REST API Integration: Incorporate TextUnbox functionalities into custom applications or workflows. Simple Pricing Plans: Choose from 100, 500, or 1000 successful operations. Free Trial: Explore the capabilities of TextUnbox with a free trial. 使用案例: Document Digitization: Convert physical documents or images into editable text. Content Creation: Generate visual representations of ideas or concepts based on voice descriptions. 语言翻译: Translate text between different languages for effective communication. TextUnbox is a powerful AI tool that streamlines text extraction, 图像生成, and language translation tasks. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, TextUnbox empowers users to work efficiently and effectively, saving time and enhancing productivity.