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Email Bind Features Email Bind is an AI tool that enables users to access ChatGPT services by sending an email. It offers a free trial plan and a Pro membership plan with increased token limits. Users can initiate conversations with ChatGPT by sending emails to a specified address. 主要特点: ChatGPT via Email: Access ChatGPT services by sending an email. Free Trial Plan: Engage with ChatGPT on a daily basis with a token limit of 1,000 tokens per day per email address. Pro Membership Plan: Upgrade to a Pro plan for increased token limits and expanded functionalities. Premium Plan: Unlock the advanced capabilities of the GPT-4 model with the Premium plan. Email Verification: Verify your email to gain access to ChatGPT services via Email Bind. 使用案例: Engage in conversations with ChatGPT conveniently through email communication. Explore the capabilities of ChatGPT and experience AI-powered dialogue. Utilize ChatGPT for various purposes, including information retrieval, brainstorming, and creative writing. Access ChatGPT services on your own terms, with the flexibility of email communication. Email Bind revolutionizes the way you interact with ChatGPT. Start conversing with AI through email and unlock a world of possibilities.