ClassifyAI is a platform that enables users to create, generate, and classify JSON models using OpenAI’s API.

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ClassifyAI Features ClassifyAI ClassifyAI is a middleware that enables calling AI models and retrieving structured JSON Objects instead of plain text. It simplifies the process of working with AI models by providing a convenient way to define and retrieve specific information from the generated output. How it Works Create and configure a JSON Object that specifies the structure of the information you want to retrieve. Make a request to the ClassifyAI API, providing the input data and any relevant context. Receive a filled JSON Object with the defined keys, containing the structured information you need. Example: Input: Write a review about the BIKE 3000 AI output without ClassifyAI: vbnetCopy codeAs an AI model have not used the BIKE 3000 but here is a possible review: The Bike 3000AI output with ClassifyAI: jsonCopy code{ “review”: “I love to use my Bike 3000…” } Global Models ClassifyAI offers pre-defined global JSON Objects that can be used without the need for custom configuration. These global models cover various topics and provide structured information ready for use. Check out the List of all Global Models You can even test the Global Models without an account on the ClassifyAI Global Models page. Pricing ClassifyAI offers different pricing plans to suit various needs. Free Plan 20 free tests per day Ability to configure your own JSON models 10,000 Tokens per day API access Basic Plan (30$ monthly, 300$ yearly) First 1000 customers can get the basic plan for 180$ yearly. 50 free tests per day Ability to configure your own JSON models 2,500,000 Tokens per month API access For more details and to explore the capabilities of ClassifyAI, refer to the ClassifyAI Documentation.