English language learning through WhatsApp chatbot.

Access to Zaplingo (Free)

Zaplingo Features Zaplingo is an AI-powered English tutor available on WhatsApp that helps learners practice and improve their English speaking skills in a supportive and low-pressure environment. It offers audio messaging, real-life conversation practice, and clear grammar explanations to boost learners’ confidence and language abilities. Key Features: Audio Messaging: Engage in real-life conversation practice through audio messaging. Grammar Explanations: Access clear and concise grammar explanations to understand language rules. 24/7 Availability: Learn at your own pace and convenience with 24/7 access. Native Language Support: Ask for explanations in your native language for better understanding. Free to Use: Access the tool’s features and benefits at no cost. Use Cases: Individuals seeking to practice and improve their English speaking skills. Learners looking for a low-pressure and supportive environment to enhance their language abilities. Anyone who prefers the convenience and accessibility of learning through WhatsApp. English language learners who want to engage in real-life conversation practice and receive grammar explanations. Individuals in need of an affordable and accessible English tutoring option. Zaplingo brings the power of AI and convenient access to WhatsApp, providing learners with an effective and enjoyable way to enhance their English speaking skills.