Mobile app for socializing and organizing events.

Access to Yujo (Freemium)

Yujo Features Yujo is a mobile application that leverages AI algorithms to facilitate meaningful connections and valuable acquaintances based on users’ interests, professions, and archetypes. Key Features: AI-Powered Matching: Yujo utilizes AI algorithms to connect users with individuals who share their interests, profession, and archetype. Personalized Recommendations: Discover new locations and events tailored to your preferences. Calendar Feature: Easily plan and keep track of your social engagements within the app. Professional Networking: Expand your professional connections through the app’s dedicated professional mode. Safe Environment: Yujo prioritizes user safety by providing a secure platform for communication and connection. Use Cases: • Find like-minded individuals and valuable acquaintances based on shared interests and archetypes. • Stay updated with personalized recommendations for new locations and events. • Plan and manage social engagements effectively using the app’s calendar feature. • Expand your professional network with the dedicated professional mode. Yujo empowers users to discover new connections and enrich their social experiences with the help of AI algorithms.