Whisper JAX

Optimised implementation of the Whisper model

Access to Whisper JAX (Free)

Whisper JAX Features Whisper JAX is an optimised implementation of the Whisper model by OpenAI. It runs on JAX with a TPU v4-8 in the backend. Compared to PyTorch on an A100 GPU, it is over 70x faster, making it the fastest Whisper API available. Key features and advantages include: Fast performance: Over 70x faster than PyTorch on an A100 GPU Optimized implementation: Built on JAX with a TPU v4-8 for maximum efficiency Accurate transcription: Provides accurate transcription of audio files Progress bar: Displays progress of transcription through a progress bar Create your own inference endpoint: To skip the queue, users can create their own inference endpoint using the Whisper JAX repository. Use cases for Whisper JAX include: Transcribing audio files quickly and accurately Improving the efficiency of transcription services Streamlining the transcription process for businesses and individuals.