ChatGPT on your website for your users

Access to UseChat (Paid)

UseChat Features Presenting UseChat, an intuitive tool that lets you embed a ChatGPT chatbot on your website or application, including mobile platforms. With just one click, UseChat will scrape your website (supporting up to 10,000 webpages) and equip a ChatGPT agent with all the relevant knowledge. Key Features: Powered by ChatGPT: Deploy a custom chatbot on your platform that leverages the capabilities of ChatGPT, a leading AI model. Engage Visitors: Instantly provide answers to user queries with a chatbot that has a deep understanding of your website and products. Supports Huge Websites: Designed for scale and speed, UseChat’s content ingest engine can handle even the largest websites with thousands of pages. Real-Time Conversation Tracking: Watch your visitors interacting with your chatbot in real-time and browse all historical conversations. Custom Welcome Message: Personalize your chatbot’s welcome message to create a unique experience for visitors. Advanced customization of the prompt is also available. Your Branding and Styling: Customize the chatbot icon, colors, and theme to align with your brand (coming soon). Use Cases: Keep your visitors engaged and provide immediate responses to their queries. Save resources and time by automating the support system. Analyze user interactions for further insights and improvements. UseChat is your go-to solution for an AI-powered, deeply personalized chatbot experience on your website or app. Make user engagement instantaneous and seamless with UseChat!