Twelve Labs

Twelve Labs offers a video search platform that enables developers to create applications with human-like understanding of video content

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Twelve Labs Features Twelve Labs is at the forefront of AI-driven video search technology, empowering developers to build applications that can see, listen, and comprehend video content like humans. With their cutting-edge video search platform, Twelve Labs offers a powerful API that extracts essential features from videos, enabling developers to achieve remarkable semantic search capabilities. Key Features: AI-Driven Video Search: Empowers applications to understand video content like humans. Powerful Video Search API: Extracts key features from videos for semantic search. Semantic Search: Transform video information into vector representations for rapid search. Seed Extension Funding: Raised $12 million in seed extension funding. Strategic Partnership with Oracle: Partnered with Oracle for enhanced video understanding. Top-Ranking AI Models: Twelve Labs’ AI models outperform open-source and commercial counterparts. Customizable and Scalable: Customizable to fit specific needs and easy integration with API calls. Versatile Applications: Used in various applications across multiple industries. Use Cases: Contextual Advertising: Enhance advertising by understanding video context. Content Moderation: Ensure appropriate content and adherence to guidelines. Evidence Search: Facilitate efficient search in video evidence. Media Analytics: Analyze video content for insights and trends. Digital Asset Management: Manage and organize video assets effectively. Brand Safety: Ensure brand alignment and safety in video content. Lecture Search: Enable efficient search within video lectures. Video Recommendation: Improve personalized video recommendations. Video Editing: Enhance video editing with semantic understanding. Twelve Labs’ AI-driven video search platform is a game-changer in the realm of video understanding. By providing developers with a robust video search API, Twelve Labs empowers applications to interpret video content with unparalleled precision and speed. Its success in rankings, strategic partnerships, and funding further solidifies its position as a leading player in the AI-driven video search domain.