Retrieve and validate uploaded document data.

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Troller Features Toller, developed by, is an advanced AI-based information retrieval tool designed to swiftly and accurately retrieve information from uploaded documents. Users can pose questions related to the documents, and Toller provides answers within seconds. Integratable with platforms like Slack, Discord, or Teams, Toller ensures seamless access without disrupting workflow. Key Features: Rapid Information Retrieval: Obtain quick and accurate answers to questions related to uploaded documents. Integration with Collaboration Tools: Access Toller directly within Slack, Discord, or Teams, maximizing convenience. Advanced AI Techniques: Benefit from Toller’s AI capabilities that analyze document text and identify relevant sources of information. Versatile Applications: Retrieve specific quotes, fact-check information, and obtain answers from research papers, legal documents, or technical manuals. Security and Compliance: Toller ensures the safety and confidentiality of sensitive data by restricting access to authorized individuals only. User-Friendly Interface: Experience a straightforward and intuitive interface, making document upload, question submission, and answer retrieval simple. Use Cases: • Obtain accurate answers and insights from uploaded documents for research purposes. • Verify facts or retrieve specific quotes from legal documents or technical manuals. • Benefit from Toller’s information retrieval capabilities for efficient research and knowledge gathering. • Safeguard sensitive organizational data with Toller’s compliant system and restricted access. Toller streamlines the information retrieval process with its powerful AI-driven capabilities and user-friendly interface.