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Torq Features Torq AI is a powerful Chrome extension designed to revolutionize your workflow and enhance productivity. With its AI-powered features, Torq AI offers a range of capabilities, including quick replies in Gmail, intuitive data access, seamless browsing, and smarter communication. Key Features: AI-Powered Quick Replies in Gmail: Generate suggested responses and customize them to streamline your email communication. Intuitive Data Access: Retrieve information and insights effortlessly within your browser for quick decision-making. Seamless Browsing: Receive relevant suggestions, recommendations, and shortcuts based on your browsing history and preferences. Smarter Communication: Benefit from intelligent suggestions and tools to enhance your communication and interactions. Productivity Assistant: Act as your ultimate assistant, boosting productivity and efficiency in your daily workflow. Use Cases: Professionals and individuals who rely heavily on email communication and want to streamline their email responses for increased efficiency. Users who need quick access to data and information during their browsing sessions, without the need for extensive searching. Individuals looking to optimize their web browsing experience by receiving relevant suggestions and shortcuts based on their interests and preferences. Users who want to enhance their communication by leveraging AI-powered tools and suggestions for more effective interactions. Torq AI empowers users to optimize their workflow, communication, and productivity by providing AI-powered features within the Chrome browser.