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Tekst.ai Features Transform your customer support operations with AI-powered automation that solves common cases, tags, prioritizes, and routes incoming tickets. By leveraging a custom AI tailored to your company’s needs, you can streamline your support process, increase productivity, and reduce costs. Key Features: Automated Customer Service: Deploy a custom AI solution that can handle common customer cases, resolving FAQs automatically. Ticket Tagging and Prioritization: Automatically tag and prioritize incoming tickets based on topics or importance, ensuring faster response times. Cost Optimization: Automate the resolution of recurring questions with similar answers, enabling your agents to focus on more complex issues. Contextual AI Training: Train the AI using past data, current routing behavior, and context specific to your company, enhancing its effectiveness. Monitoring and Analysis: Gain valuable insights into your email and ticket handling processes through detailed dashboards, enabling continuous improvement. File Detection and Routing: Detect file types and predict, prioritize, and route them accordingly, streamlining support for file-based inquiries. Use Cases: • Streamlined Ticket Handling: Automate common cases, allowing the AI to resolve FAQs and specialize agents for more complex issues. • Cost Reduction: Automate responses to recurring questions, optimizing agent workload and reducing the cost per ticket. • Prioritized Response: Utilize topic-based prioritization to ensure the most important tickets receive prompt attention. • Data Analysis and Improvement: Monitor and analyze your support operations through comprehensive dashboards to optimize efficiency. • Streamlined File-based Support: Automatically detect and route files, enhancing scalability and efficiency in handling file-related inquiries. Experience faster customer service, reduced costs, and enhanced productivity in your support operations by leveraging AI automation.