Synthesizer V

Synthesizer V is a vocal synthesizer developed by Dreamtonics.

Access to Synthesizer V (Freemium)

Synthesizer V Features Synthesizer V, created by Dreamtonics, is a groundbreaking AI-powered synthesizer that has revolutionized the world of music production. It presents users with the remarkable ability to create lifelike and responsive singing vocals, all without the need for a human singer. Key Features: AI-Powered Vocal Synthesis: Synthesizer V uses AI to create lifelike and responsive singing vocals. Multi-Language Support: The tool offers vocal synthesis in English, Japanese, and Chinese. Customizable Vocal Modes: Users can choose from vocal modes like chest, belt, and breathy for personalized vocal styles. Dynamic Features: AI retakes and isolated aspiration output contribute to refining vocal performance. Synthesizer V Studio: This version enables users to import MIDI files, input lyrics, and integrate with VST3 and AudioUnit interfaces. Pro Version Benefits: The Pro version offers unlimited tracks and customizable AI pitch generation for enhanced control. Use Cases: Music Production: Synthesizer V is a game-changer for musicians and music producers looking to create realistic vocal tracks. Multilingual Projects: The tool’s multi-language support is ideal for projects requiring vocals in multiple languages. Synthesizer V, the AI-powered vocal synthesizer from Dreamtonics, has disrupted the world of music production by enabling users to generate life-like and expressive singing vocals without the need for a human singer. With customizable vocal modes, dynamic features, and compatibility with various interfaces, Synthesizer V caters to musicians and creators seeking an innovative and versatile vocal synthesis solution.