Streamlining laboratory work and accelerating scientific insights with Synthace and ChatGPT integration.

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Synthace Features A breakthrough integration of Synthace, a digital experimental platform, with ChatGPT is transforming how we approach biological experiments and lab automation. This solution, currently a successful prototype, aims to enhance scientists’ productivity and accelerate the pace of research. Through the seamless blend of AI and experimental design, it offers new dimensions in R&D. Key Features: High Throughput Automation: Experience the reality of high throughput DOE automation and data. Unleash your lab equipment’s full potential to solve complex problems efficiently. Dynamic Automation: Implement changes to your experiments without the need to code. Run multiple versions of your experiment within a day, acting swiftly on your decisions. Context-Rich Experiment Data: Gather and structure your experiment designs, data, and metadata all in one platform, enabling a holistic view and analysis of your results. Protocol Reproducibility: Benefit from the consistent execution of your digital experiments, regardless of the lab, machine, or team involved. Use Cases: Accelerate R&D insights by harnessing the power of AI and automation in experimental design. Enhance lab productivity by running several versions of your experiments within a day. Maintain experiment integrity and reproducibility across different lab conditions and teams. Unveiling the potential of a true AI scientist, the Synthace and ChatGPT integration promises a revolutionary impact on the speed and efficiency of scientific research.