Personalized chatbot for real-time website support.

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SupportBuddy Features SupportBuddy is an advanced AI-powered chatbot tool designed to enhance the visitor experience on websites by providing real-time and personalized responses. Key Features: AI-powered chatbot: Delivers real-time and personalized responses to website visitors. Content learning and customization: Crawls website pages to learn content and builds a customized chatbot. Easy integration: Requires adding one script tag to the website, eliminating the need for coding. Flexible pricing plans: Offers Starter, Growth, Business, and Enterprise plans to accommodate different needs. Use Cases: Elevate visitor experience: Provide real-time and personalized responses to enhance visitor engagement and satisfaction. Time and resource savings: Avoid building an intelligent chatbot from scratch by leveraging SupportBuddy’s customization and automation. Improve customer support: Deliver instant assistance and answer frequently asked questions through the chatbot. SupportBuddy empowers website owners to optimize visitor experience, improve customer support, and save time and resources.