Suno AI Bark

Transformer-based text-to-audio model

Access to Suno AI Bark (Free)

Suno AI Bark Features aBark is a transformer-based text-to-audio model created by Suno. Key features and advantages include: Highly realistic, multilingual speech generation Ability to generate music, background noise and simple sound effects Production of nonverbal communications like laughing, sighing and crying Access to pretrained model checkpoints ready for inference Support for the research community Use cases for Bark involve various audio-related activities: Creating multilingual audiobooks and podcasts Generating background noise and sound effects for films, TV shows and video games Developing assistive technology for individuals with speech impairments Improving text-to-speech technology for various industries Bark is a powerful tool for anyone looking to create high-quality audio content, and its support for the research community makes it a valuable resource for advancing the field of text-to-audio technology.