Stillgram is a camera app for the iPhone that automatically removes crowded backgrounds from photos taken in urban and travel settings, resulting in stunning stillgrams.

Access to Stillgram (Freemium)

Stillgram Features Stillgram is an innovative camera app designed to enhance your photography experience on the iPhone. Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), Stillgram uses advanced algorithms to remove crowded backgrounds from photos, allowing you to capture focused and visually appealing images in urban and travel settings. Key Features: Crowded Background Removal: AI-powered algorithms automatically remove crowded backgrounds from photos. Free and Professional Versions: Choose between the free version and the professional version with advanced features. 4K Photo Resolution: Capture high-quality images with exceptional detail. Selective Subject Focus: Choose who stays in the photo while the background is removed. Live Stillgrams: Share your photos and videos as captivating live stillgrams. Optimized for iPhone’s Neural Engine: Lightning-fast processing on compatible iPhone devices. Continuous AI Improvement: User photos are anonymously uploaded to the training network to enhance AI performance. Use Cases: Urban and travel photography enthusiasts seeking to capture focused images in crowded environments. Social media users looking to enhance their photo posts with visually appealing backgrounds. Photographers who want to remove distractions from their shots and highlight specific subjects. Professionals in industries such as real estate, fashion, and marketing who require high-quality images with clutter-free backgrounds. iPhone users who want to elevate their photography experience with AI-powered background removal and advanced features. Stillgram empowers users to capture stunning and focused photos with ease, removing the hassle of crowded backgrounds and allowing your subjects to shine. With its AI capabilities, advanced features, and seamless sharing options, Stillgram redefines the way you capture and share memorable moments on your iPhone.