AI-powered literature sourcing web application that utilizes advanced natural language processing to retrieve relevant texts, streamlining the research process.

Access to (Freemium) Features Sourcely is a powerful AI-driven web application designed to simplify the process of finding relevant literature. By employing advanced natural language processing techniques, Sourcely identifies and retrieves informational texts based on the user’s input, saving time and effort for students, researchers, and professionals working on projects that require extensive information. Key Features: AI-powered Literature Sourcing: Utilizes advanced natural language processing techniques to retrieve relevant texts. User-friendly Interface: Provides a simple and accessible platform for users. Filtering Options: Allows users to refine search results based on criteria such as publication year and minimum citations. Pricing Options: Offers both free and paid plans to cater to different user needs. Contextual Understanding: Comprehends the context of the user’s text to find related sources of high relevance and reliability. Use Cases: Academic Research: Streamlines the process of finding relevant literature for academic projects and research papers. Professional Research: Assists professionals in sourcing information for various projects and reports. Student Assignments: Provides students with a comprehensive source of relevant texts for assignments and coursework. Sourcely is an invaluable tool for individuals engaged in research and information gathering.