Social GPT

AI tool for social media: AI Detector and Comment generator

Access to Social GPT (Free)

Social GPT Features Introducing the Social GPT Chrome Extension – a free, powerful tool designed to help identify AI-generated content on social media and generate comments with various styles. Key Features: Generate AI comments: Choose from different styles like “Normal,” “Smart,” “Positive,” “Negative,” or “Troll” to create unique comments for any post on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. It works in any language! AI-generated content detection: The extension uses advanced algorithms to analyze the content of posts, providing instant feedback on the authenticity of a post. It scans the text to determine if it was written by a human or generated by AI, offering a confidence score for your convenience. Use cases: Perfect for social media users, researchers, and journalists who want to ensure the authenticity of posts. Great for those who want to make their social media interactions more engaging and unique. Enhance your social media experience and ensure the authenticity of the content you interact with, all with the Social GPT Chrome Extension.