Assisted color palette generator.

Access to Smudge (Freemium)

Smudge Features Smudge is a developer colour palette app with built-in AI assistance, available on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. It helps users choose, convert, organize, and share commonly used colours in projects. Key Features: Colour selection and conversion: Choose colours using the colour picker or by entering values and convert them to HEX, RGB, and Swift codes. Colour organization: Group colours into palettes, name them, and add notes for easy management and reference. Collaboration and sharing: Share palettes with team members, set permissions, and collaborate effectively on colour selection. Image-based colour selection: Select colours directly from images for accurate colour matching. AI colour extraction: Generate palettes based on objects, scenes, or other elements using AI-powered colour extraction. Use Cases: • Web and app development: Streamline the process of choosing and organizing colours for websites and applications. • Graphic design: Easily manage and share colour palettes for graphic design projects. • Collaborative design teams: Enable seamless collaboration and coordination of colours among team members. Whether you’re a developer, designer, or part of a design team, Smudge offers a user-friendly and efficient solution for working with colours.