Automated email writing and summarization.

Access to SimpleMail (Free)

SimpleMail Features SimpleMail is an AI-powered email tool designed to streamline the email-writing process, saving users time and improving communication efficiency. It offers features such as quick email composition, email summarization, and AI-generated email replies. Key Features: Quick Email Composition: Generates complete emails in seconds based on a few bullet points. Email Summarization: Automatically summarizes lengthy emails into concise notes. AI-Generated Email Replies: Generates email responses based on selected tone and received email. Chrome Extension (Gmail): Currently available as a Chrome extension for Gmail users. Future App Availability: Plans to launch as an app in 2023, expanding platform accessibility. Open Beta (Free-to-Use): Free to use during the Open Beta period, with a small monthly fee planned for the future. Use Cases: Efficient Email Composition: Simplifies and accelerates the process of writing emails, saving time and improving productivity. Email Summarization: Summarizes lengthy emails into concise notes, allowing for quicker information processing. AI-Generated Replies: Assists in crafting appropriate and relevant email responses, enhancing communication efficiency. SimpleMail is a valuable tool for individuals and businesses seeking to streamline their email communication and optimize their workflows.