Shaping Tomorrow

AI-driven horizon scanning and foresight service for strategic intelligence.

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Shaping Tomorrow Features Shaping Tomorrow is a cutting-edge AI-driven continuous horizon scanning and foresight service that equips organizations with strategic intelligence to shape policy, seize opportunities, mitigate threats, and enhance resilience to emerging change. Key Features: Horizon Scanning: Identify emerging trends, weak signals of change, and wild cards from approximately 100,000 reputable sources. Scenario Planning: Examine various scenarios to make assumptions about the future, tackle challenges, and capitalize on opportunities. Strategic Intelligence: Gain insight into external forces driving widespread change, enabling medium to long-term planning and resilience. Use Cases: • Policymakers: Utilize strategic intelligence to shape policy and respond to emerging change. • Businesses: Monitor trends and changes to adapt strategies and seize opportunities. • Nonprofits and NGOs: Anticipate challenges and plan effectively to enhance resilience. • Research Institutions: Stay informed about external forces and their impact on various sectors. Shaping Tomorrow is an invaluable tool for organizations seeking to understand the political, economic, social, and technological landscape of the future.