Sapling is an AI messaging assistant that enhances response quality and efficiency for customer-facing teams.

Access to Sapling (Freemium)

Sapling Features Sapling revolutionizes customer-facing team communication with its powerful AI messaging assistant. Designed to optimize response quality and efficiency, Sapling seamlessly integrates with popular messaging platforms and CRMs, enabling agents to compose personalized and professional responses in real-time. Key Features: Sapling Suggest™: Offers one-click access to relevant responses from a team response bank, streamlining response composition. Autocomplete Everywhere™: Empowers agents with deep learning-powered autocomplete suggestions across all messaging platforms, enhancing speed and accuracy. Language Quality Detection: Identifies 60% more language quality issues than standard spelling and grammar checkers, thanks to a machine learning system trained on millions of English sentences. Knowledge Sharing: Enables teams to share knowledge through a snippet library and text expansion shortcuts/macros, promoting consistent and efficient responses. Conversational Insights: Gains business insights from conversational data through natural language processing, empowering teams to make informed decisions. Omni-Channel Support: Offers best-in-class omni-channel support for seamless customer interactions across multiple platforms. Enterprise Security: Ensures robust security with TLS and AES-256 data encryption, PII redaction, and options for SSO and MFA for end-user identity management. Simple Installation: Rapid two-click provision and 90% adoption rate make implementation effortless. Benefits: Improved Customer Experience: Enhanced omni-channel customer experience through personalized and efficient responses. Higher-Quality Messaging: Raise the bar for professional messaging with AI-powered suggestions and language quality detection. Faster Response and Handle Time: Swift access to relevant responses and autocomplete suggestions lead to quicker resolution times. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Streamlined responses and high-quality communication result in greater customer satisfaction. Conversational Insights: Managers gain valuable conversational insights to coach and prepare teams for greater efficiency and language quality. Sapling is an indispensable AI messaging assistant that elevates customer-facing team communication to new heights. With its array of real-time suggestions, response retrieval, and deep learning-powered autocomplete, Sapling empowers teams to deliver exceptional customer experiences and achieve higher levels of efficiency and satisfaction.