Get fresh data on recently funded and SaaS companies with our weekly subscription, including email addresses and other employee information.

Access to SaasyDB (Paid)

SaasyDB Features saasyDB is a powerful subscription-based service that provides users with up-to-date data on recently funded companies and SaaS (Software as a Service) companies. Key Features: Fresh Data on Recently Funded and SaaS Companies: Access up-to-date information on companies that have recently received funding or operate as SaaS providers. Unpublished Company Email Addresses: Benefit from saasyDB’s algorithm that uncovers unpublished email addresses, providing more contacts per company than competitors. Comprehensive Employee Information: Gain access to employee details such as names, job titles, locations, and LinkedIn profiles. Funding Information and Company Details: Obtain insights into funding rounds and other relevant details about the target companies. Use Cases: • Sales and business development professionals can leverage saasyDB to identify and connect with key decision-makers at recently funded and SaaS companies, increasing their chances of closing deals. • Marketers can use saasyDB to target specific employee roles within companies for tailored marketing campaigns. • Investors and analysts can access saasyDB to stay updated on the latest funding trends and identify potential investment opportunities in the SaaS industry. With saasyDB, users gain access to fresh and valuable data on target companies, enabling them to pitch the right people and close more deals effectively.