Paraphrase tool with 20 modes to help clarify thinking & suit words to audience.

Access to Rephrasely (Freemium)

Rephrasely Features Rephrasely is an AI-powered tool designed to rewrite and paraphrase text in over 100 languages. Key features and advantages include: 12 free modes: Paraphrasing, rephrasing, plagiarism checking, and more while preserving original meaning Language versatility: Compose text from keywords and check plagiarism in 50+ languages Advanced AI: Generates text variations to find the perfect words and expressions for user needs Additional features: Summarizer, grammar checker, text simplifier, and sentence shortener Use cases for Rephrasely cater to various writing needs: Students and professionals seeking to improve their writing and avoid plagiarism Content creators looking for ways to generate compelling stories, essays, and poems Job seekers aiming to produce relevant cover letters from keywords Overall, Rephrasely offers a comprehensive solution for users seeking to enhance their writing in multiple languages and styles.