Refraction AI

AI-powered code generation tool for unit tests, refactoring, and documentation

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Refraction AI Features Refraction is a cutting-edge code generation tool designed for developers. It utilizes AI to generate unit tests, refactor code, and create inline documentation for a wide range of programming languages. Key Features: Supports 56 languages: From popular languages like Python and JavaScript to niche languages like ABAP and MatLab. Generates unit tests: Create unit tests quickly and efficiently. Refactors code: Improve code quality with AI-driven refactoring suggestions. Creates inline documentation: Automatically generate inline documentation for better understanding and maintenance. Use Cases: • Enhance code quality with AI-generated unit tests and refactoring suggestions. • Save time by automating inline documentation creation. • Streamline the development process with AI-generated code snippets. Join thousands of developers worldwide using Refraction to generate documentation, create unit tests, refactor code, and more with the power of AI.